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A Church of Scientology where they speak your language: Deutsch Español Français Italiano English Other Languages

A local church provides introductory lectures, workshops, seminars and other religious services to people new to the Scientology® religion. This is where those who are curious about Scientology can call or visit and immediately find out about—and participate in, if they wish—introductory services.

Churches of Scientology and related organizations and groups using the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard, exist all over the world.

They offer lectures on subjects like how to improve relationships, communication and many other useful subjects.

Attend Scientology® Sunday Service: a service that can help you to move past fears, anxiety and depression and confidently face the future.

You can be helped. And in turn be able to help others.



Scientology Kirken Jylland
Vester Allé 26
8000 Århus C
Tel: (45) 86 19 10 44
E-mail: aarhus@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-jylland.org

Scientology Kirken København
Store Kongensgade 55
1264 Copenhagen K
Tel: (45) 33 736-363
Web Site: www.scientology-copenhagen.org

Scientology Kirken Danmark
Gammel Kongevej 3-5, 1
1610 Copenhagen V
Tel: (45) 33 55 77 77
E-Mail: denmark@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-denmark.org


Scientologi Kyrkan i Göteborg
Värmlandsgatan 16, 1 tr
41328 Göteborg
Tel: 0046-31-243585
E-mail: goteborg@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-gothenburg.org

Scientologi Kyrkan i Malmö
Porslinsgatan 3
211 32 Malmö
Tel: 040 978221
E-mail: malmo@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-malmo.org

Scientologi Kyrkan i Stockholm
Reimersholmsgatan 9
117 40 Stockholm
Tel: 08-50 66 76 00
E-Mail: stockholm@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-stockholm.org


Scientologi Kirken Norge
Karl Johans Gate 12J
0154 Oslo
Tel: +47 216 82181/82092
E-mail: oslo@scientology.net
Web Site: www.scientology-oslo.org

Now that you've visited our web sites, come visit us in person. Attend Sunday Service or an introductory film or lecture, take a course, get some auditing, come in, look around, talk to Scientologists. We're open seven days a week on six continents. You can find the closest Scientology church, mission or center nearest you.

We look forward to meeting you!

E-mail us: cofsitd@avantel.net

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